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Secretary - Shikha Grover

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Shikha is from Mumbai India. Amidst the madness of a crazy city always on the move. For a large part of her career, Shikha devoted her time and energy to the Social Sector. This strong need to give back to the world has always been an integral part of her existence. Art, Architecture and Designing have always been her passion; she is an impressionist and has been painting for over 35 years, Claude Monet being her first love and inspiration.


In 2018, Shikha launched her own label, ‘kimkara’. The uniqueness of interpreting original paintings on silk became her niche and the label started to create interest all over the world. The first collection of sarees, jackets and kaftans was launched in Dubai and her exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur and India have been widely appreciated by art lovers. Nothing spurs an artist more than the love & appreciation of the audience and Shikha has to date collaborated with five artists from different genres to launch a collection every year. Each of these collections is completely dedicated to one artist alone. The paintings inspire her to weave her stories on fabric, to bring their art to life on silk.

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